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HS CONNECTS Bulletin No. 1


HS CONNECTS Bulletin No. 1
Good Day
Today marks 6 months since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported to WHO and 3 months
since it has been declared as a pandemic.
The pandemic has changed the world in so many ways, bringing us closer together and
reaffirming the importance of Health for All.
The ongoing crisis is having a direct impact on the shipping industry, which transports more than
80 per cent of traded goods – including vital medical supplies, food and other basic necessities
- critical for the COVID-19 response and recovery. Seafarers are amongst the essential workers
on the frontlines fighting the coronavirus to save lives all over the world, and ensuring that the
essential needs of everyone continues to be met.
As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, in the last month, the International Labour
Organisation (“ILO”) received claims that numerous seafarers in need of immediate medical
care ashore, were not permitted to disembark at many ports around the world, while those
waiting to return to sea, were losing their source of income.
All shipping companies are planning and arranging to the best of their abilities for crew
repatriations and joining. However, most of them are unsuccessful due to the numerous
governments’ travel restrictions around the world.
Company Management fully empathises with the situation, and we have discussed this matter
as priority and have instructed to carry out supportive actions to help crew repatriation, wellbeing
and health onboard.
Crewing department will provide the updates and key information for COVID-19 in weekly
Safety bulletins starting from this month.

Updates from Crew home countries (as at 2 July): (Extracted from
• China:
 Coronavirus Cases: 83,537;
 Total Deaths: 4,634;
 Recovered: 78,487.
• Korea:
 Coronavirus Cases: 12,904;
 Total Deaths: 282;
 Recovered: 11,684.
• Myanmar:
 Coronavirus Cases: 303;
 Total Deaths: 6;
 Recovered: 222.
 Coronavirus Cases: 44,310;
 Total Deaths: 26;
 Recovered: 39,011.
 Coronavirus Cases: 60,695;
 Total Deaths: 3,036;
 Recovered: 27,568.
Updates from ports of call:
• Singapore:
 Crew change is allowed under the various special circumstances:
 Crew completed employment contract;
 Compassionate grounds (e.g. death of family member); or
 Crew no longer medically fit to work on board the ship; and many others.
• Fujairah - UAE:
 All crew change is suspended till further notice.
• Dubai - UAE:
 Crew change is expected to start from 15 July.
• Panama:
 Local authorities are expected to release the suspension of commercial flights from 22
July onwards.

Updates from ports of call (cont’d):
• Korea:
 Crew change is allowed, but it is subject to visa availability and local authorities’
quarantine procedures.
• China:
 Crew change is allowed for Chinese nationals only.
• Abidjan:
 Local authorities have released the suspension of commercial flights from 1 July,
and we are currently awaiting for more information from the airline companies
on the restarting of commercial operations.
• Honolulu:
 Crew change can be arranged but no international flights are currently available.
The flights are expected to resume shortly.
Hygiene Tip
Follow these hand-washing procedures carefully.
It’s always best to wash your hands with soap and water for at
least 20 seconds.
1. Wet hands with running water.
2. Apply enough soap to cover wet hands.
3. Scrub all surfaces of the hands – including the back of hands,
between fingers and under nails – for at least 20 seconds.
4. Rinse thoroughly with running water.
5. Dry hands with a clean cloth, single-use towel or blow-drier.
Crew Change Plan and Updates
We will continue to monitor the various travel restrictions at all relevant ports closely. We hope
to perform crew change for vessels calling port in Singapore and China in the near future.
We wish to highlight that there has been cases of other vessels contracting the virus during
such crew changes.

Crew Change Plan and Updates (Cont’d)
From our successful crew change for Hai Soon 12, please be rest assured that we have also
been liaising closely with the respective crewing agents, relevant embassies on relief flights
availabilities and commercial flight availabilities. This is also subject to authorities’ approvals.
Crew Welfare
During this unprecedented pandemic situation, Management has approved and will provide the
additional entertainment budget per port call. Details will be shared with the respective masters
on board.
Please share the information to all crews and explain to the crews about the situation to be
Confirmation of receipt is not required.
Any questions in respect of this safety bulletin should be forwarded to crewing@haisoon.com.